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NFL Flag 2019 10U National Champions

Hard Count Athletics 2019 10U National Champions 

National Flag Summer 2019 11U National Champions

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We are not just a club, we're a family.

The Apex Predators are an elite youth flag football club in the Las Vegas Valley designed to promote the whole development of our players. Both in terms of physical and mental ability, as well as strong character. We want to guide and direct our players towards the maximum development of their talents and abilities while encouraging positive attitudes and behavior.


National Championships - 3

NFL Flag Regional Titles - 4
Tournament Wins - 18
League Championships - 20

See our story to Nationals in the Las Vegas Review-Journal here



Since early last year I was asked several times if the Apex Predators would eventually have a tackle program. My response was as long as I had a great coaching staff, the resources, having the same standards of the flag side, and that when our flag program was firmly established I said I would be able to do it. The flag program was not handed to me nor did I have a bunch of investors to get me started. This program was started from the ground up in the Spring of 2016 NYS league as the Packers with players assigned from the league to the team. Myself, the players, and parents worked our tails off and the result is what you see today. The goal is to have a flag, 7's and tackle program that all compete at a high level like our flag program and be the first Camp in the valley to do it with all three. I firmly believe we have everything in place to do that and to provide the players and parents something here which they will not experience with most of the other camps.
For the upcoming fall season we are looking to have 10U,12U, and 13U teams. As soon as the parks are hopefully opened in June we will start getting some conditioning drills in and seeing how our teams are going to look.
So what makes us different from most camps and why should you want to join? Nothing more to say than to look at our track record. Were all about player development as no player gets left behind, grades, competing at a high level, and giving the kids an experience they will always remember. I promise you your child will be better when their ready to move to the next level. Sure were starting new on the tackle side and haven't proven ourselves there but all of our coaches have coached and played on the tackle side. We will not charge any camp fees on the tackle side. There will be no fund raisers so you don't have to worry about selling cookies, coupon books or food plates. 4k dvd game disc are provided for free upon request so you can just sit back and watch the games. End of season highlight videos of individual players are free. If a kid needs a ride to practice we will be able to provide one. We have tutors here so if your child needs help with their homework all we ask is to get them at the practice field an hour and a half before practice. Our awards banquet will be fully paid for at the end of the season.
For lineman this is the Camp were you want to be. If your child was a lineman and never really played or developed give us a chance to work with them. The lineman are the backbone and most important part of the teams success and I intend to treat them as such. If your a lineman and join the Predators everything will be free from registration, equipment if needed, and Battle apparel. Our lineman will be fully paid for as a group to train with a lineman Coach twice a week starting in July while the other two days they will practice along with the team. While most camps when the season ends they forget about the lineman in the off season and focus on 7's. With the Predators will still be providing the lineman training during the off season free of charge not only to help develop them but to have them in peak condition once the fall season begins the following year. As you can see our lineman will have to pay nothing.
As I mentioned before everything we do here is first class from the uniforms on down. I want to thank the Las Vegas Raiders for their help ahead of time with getting us started and to also thank several of our sponsors such as Battle, Cici's pizza and others for making this happen so parents don't have to do much financially especially during these rough times. For any questions about anything or if you want to join please contact me directly. Thank You.

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Upcoming Events


Tackle practice Saturday June 6th at Frias Park


7,000 Ft Above Tournament

Labor Day 2020 Flagstaff, Arizona



ESPN 2019 10U NFL Flag National Championship Broadcast


NFL Flag NYS Fall 2019 14U Super Bowl Apex Predators vs Sin City Saints

NFL Flag NYS Fall 2019 10U Super Bowl Apex Predator Red vs Apex Predator Black

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Apex Predators Flag Football Club is a Henderson Nevada based 501c3 Nonprofit organization