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Tyrese Smith

#11 Tyrese "TyBeast" Smith played with the Apex Predators from the beginning with the Packers from the Spring of 2016 until January 2021. If not for Tyrese the program would  not be what it is today.  Tyrese dominated NYS during the Apex Predators first year from 2016-2017. Tyrese led his 10U team to 4 League Championships, 2 NYS League MVPs, and  multiple All NYS League and Pro Bowl Selections in both 10U and playing up in 12U.  Tyrese established the foundation of the programs winning culture and helped mentor fellow future Hall Of Famers Vincent Hales and Kory Villareal. This also led to Hall Of Famer Jett Washington joining the program in the fall of 2017  when Tyrese aged out of 10U. Tyrese was a big reason why our legendary 10U team was formed. After dominating at Receiver Tyrese switched to QB at the start of the 2018 year.  His greatest flag football achievement was leading his 2018 NFL Regional team to Nationals. Tyrese also played tackle and flag at the same time during every season since 2018.  He is the first player to make NYS All League in Flag and NYS All League in tackle during the same season as he led his LV Elite tackle team to a top 20 National Ranking. His team accomplishments include being a 10 time league champion, 2018 NFL Flag Raider Regional Champion and won 3 tournaments,  His individual accomplishments include winning the first Apex Predators Player of the Year 2016-2017, 2 time NYS League MVP, 7 time All NYS, 5 NYS Pro Bowls, 4 time team MVP, Defensive MVP, and Coaches Award Winner. 

Vincent Hales

#4 Vincent "Vinny Ice" Hales played with the Apex Predators from its first season in the Fall of 2016 until January 2021.  During that time frame Vincent established himself as one of the greatest NFL Flag Quarterbacks of all time. As QB1 your judged on winning and that is exactly what he did. Vince won 4 Flag National Championships and in those tournaments he never lost a game. In his 3 NFL Flag Regional tournament wins he never lost a game.  Vince in total won 15 tournaments with an overall record of 144 wins and 30 losses playing against some of the best teams in the country.  Vince was the Quarterback on one of the greatest 10U NFL Flag teams of all time, the 2018-2019 Apex Predators that won 40 straight tournament games and went 51-1 in tournament play which was a record back then. In league play Vince won 8 NYS , 1 HFFL, 1 200%, and 1 Friday Night league championships.  Vince was on the 2016-2017 Predator team that was the only team to win the NYS Triple Crown within the same year. His individual accomplishments include being the 2017-2018 Battle Club Player of The Year, 2019 Summer National tournament MVP, All NYS 4 times, Pro Bowl 2 times, 10U Team MVP 3 times, and 10U Coaches Award 2 times. Vince will be remembered for his clutch performances, game winning throws, and being at his best when it mattered most. 

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Jett Washington

Jett "The Closer" Washington earned his nickname with his uncanny ability to make game winning plays on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Jett is perhaps one of the greatest players in NFL Flag History and our programs history which can be backed by his god given talent and his individual achievements. Jett was one of the top players in the country from 2018-2021.  Not only was he dominant on offense but he was a lockdown defender who routinely shut down the opposing teams top player.  Jett had some of the biggest plays in our programs history such as "The Catch" which was the game winner vs High Intensity in the 2017 LA NFL Flag Regionals, "The Interception" with 23 seconds left in the game and game winning TD vs Red Zone in the 2019 NFL Flag Houston Regionals, and many others.  The most important thing to Jett was not his individual accolades but winning which he did a lot of. Jett was a major piece of the Apex Predators dynasty from 2019-2021 which included 4 National Championships, 3 NFL Flag Regional Championships, 15 tournament wins, being on one of the greatest 10U flag teams ever from 2018-2019 which went 51-1 and won 40 straight games. In league play Jett won 8 NYS, 1 HFFL, and 1  200% championships.  His individual accomplishments include being the Club 2018-2019 Battle Player Of The Year,  Club 2019-2020 Offensive Player Of The Year, Club 2019-2020 Play Of The Year vs Red Zone 2019 NFL Houston Regional, NYS League MVP  (2 times) Winter 2018 & Spring 2019, NYS Super Bowl MVP (3 times) Spring 2018, Fall 2018, & Fall 2019, All NYS 5 times, NYS Pro Bowl 2 times, 3 time Team MVP, 2 time team Defensive MVP, and 2 time team Offensive MVP. 

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Coach Nathan Richmond

Coach Nathan Richmond who ran the elite Predators defense joined the Apex Predators Coaching staff in the Fall of 2017 and finished in the Winter of 2021.  Coach Richmond along with Coach Omar Smith created a dynasty and their team will be remembered as one of the best ever. Coach Richmonds defense during the 2018-2019 flag year helped the team reach 51-1 in tournament play, 40 straight wins, only 269 points allowed during that stretch with an average of 5 points per game allowed.  Coach Richmond who orchestrated one of the best defenses won 4 National Championships, 3 NFL Flag Regional Championships, 15 tournament wins, 8 league championships, and was the NYS 2020 Spring Coach Of The Year.  

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The 2018-2019 10U Elite Apex Predators will go down as one of the greatest NFL Flag teams of all time. The team’s achievements and records is something that may never be duplicated again. They are the only 10U team to win three National Championships within the same year which were the 2019 10U NFL Flag Nationals, 2019 10U Hard Count Athletics Nationals, and National Flag 11U Summer National.  They were also the only team to win the Fall and Spring Southwest Showdown within the same year. The team also won the 2018 NFL Flag Seattle Regional Championship, 2019 Hard Count L.A Best OF The West Qualifier, and the 2019 Bring The Heat Tournament totaling 8 major tournament victories during the 2018 2019 Flag year. This team set a record, winning 40 straight tournament games during a single flag year. They went 51-1 in tournament play, scored 1,468 points, allowed only 269 points and their average score per game was 29 points scored and only 5 points allowed. The players on the team were Vincent Hales,  Jett Washington, Kory Villarreal, Justin Colin, Andrew Richmond, Andrew Campbell, Michael "Munch" Sims and Avion Kaiser. They were led by Coach Omar Smith and Coach Nathan Richmond

2018 - 2019 10U Elite Apex Predators